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Sommerferie 2016
Musikteater 13 år og op
Om Komediehuset
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Freedom Prison 2017
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International culture project for young performing ensembles at FAENGSLET in Horsens, Denmark

May 2017

Ensembles of young actors, dancers, actors, musicians etc. from countries within the EC are invited to participate

Application as soon as possible, and no later than
October 31st 2016

Freedom Prison takes place in a former state prison. The approximately 130 performers from different European countries live and work inside the prison for 10 days, showing their own productions and participate creating the big show called the Freedom Prison Show. This show will be presented the last two days.

The ensembles must consist of visually strong young actors, dancers, performers, musicians, etc. in the age of 18 to 30 years.*

A number of the ensembles will come from other EU countries. In addition, there will be a number of ensembles from the area involved in Aarhus 2017.

Freedom Prison focuses on freedom and restriction – in terms of politics, art, humanity and history.

Sustainability and diversity is integrated in all aspects.

During 2016 each ensemble will make a small show based on its own free interpretation of the words ‘Freedom Prison’. The shows are presented in the respective countries.

The Ensemble Shows will be presented to the public at FAENGSLET on the days leading up to the Freedom Prison Show. Each show will run several times during the week.

Simultaneously, there will be rehearsals of the big joint Freedom Prison Show, which will run for two evenings. There will be room for 8,000 people in the audience each evening, and admission will be free.

*age dispensation is possible




Freedom Prison is a partnership between Komediehuset and FAENGSLET

The project is a part of Aarhus European Capital of Culture in 2017

Freedom Prison cooperate with Eutopia Aarhus - link

Application form - link

YouTube video from the venue - link

Photos from the venue - link

General considerations and manifestos - download

Description of Freedom Prison - download

A journey from 2016 to May 2017 - download

Timetable for the event - download

Conditions for participating ensembles - download

Partners - download

Vil du være hjælper? - link


Skolegade 7 Over Gården | 8700 Horsens | Telf. 76 29 23 99 | E-mail: